3DuxDesign Product Review

I was so excited when 3duxdesign reached out and asked if we wanted to try their product. An open ended STEAM based product that utilizes cardboard just begs to be played, crafted, and explored. Because of the open ended nature of this product, the creation possibilities are endless. Already sold and want to buy some for your little explorer, use code: luckyduxLS for 15% off your order. Read on for some of the fun ways we used this product.

We’ve made robots, bugs, houses, and people. We’ve used the clips for big cardboard creations (this is a little more difficult) and small creations (all the kids 3+ easily made these). With all the creating we’ve done, we still aren’t tired of creating, taking apart, and recreating something new. Each piece is white on one side and brown on the other. While the creations look awesome as is with just clips and cardboard, embellishing and coloring the cardboard pieces is also super fun!

There are so many things I love about this product! For starters, the clips can be used with most single ply cardboard. We also found that they can be used with those thin wood cutouts found at craft stores. There was no need for the kids to use glue, because the clips connect the cardboard pieces together; which also means they can be taken apart and used again and again for new creations.

In addition to all the artistic pieces that have been created, we also created a shape sorting activity. We created a cube then used one of the cardboard squares with one circle and one rectangle for sorting. The goal of the activity was sorting the round objects and the rectangular objects into the correct cutout.

Because these clips can be used with most single ply cardboard, the possibilities are endless. We added a spinning feature to our emotions checker using a skewer and straw. With a few supplies and endless possibilities I wonder what else these awesome 3DuxDesign pieces can be used for?

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