Art & Symmetry

Get your kids excited about symmetry with this “complete the image” activity! You can transfer this topic/activity to so many things in nature: butterflies, leaves, starfish, rainbows, and so much more. Extend this activity by doing a symmetry hunt through your house or outside. How many symmetrical items can you find? Head to the bottom of this post for a free printable to explore symmetry through art.

Supplies & Instructions


Black Marker


The easiest way to create the “complete the image” printout of your child, is to print a photo of your child in black and white, fold in half, and tape to a blank piece of paper.

Create on an iPhone

Take a picture of your child from the shoulders up. Use the filter “mono” to change the image to black and white. Next screen shot a white image. Open the free App Diptic (or something similar) and choose the two vertical images option. Zoom the photo image so that only half the face is showing. For the second image use the white screenshot.

Preschool Prompts

How many eyes do you have? Are they symmetrical? Point out the line of symmetry. What are some of your body parts that are symmetrical? What other things can you think of that are symmetrical? Point out something in this room that is symmetrical.

Extend this activity into other symmetrical objects or download our free printable to practice more symmetrical art.

Printables are for personal use only and by downloading you are agreeing to the terms of use


Bunny Symmetry

Shell Symmetry

Butterfly Symmetry

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