Balloon Sticky Wall

Balloons and sticky wall, what could be better? Kitty balloons of course! Honestly the goal was hearts, but when you get something that resembles more of a kitty you run with it.

Supplies & Instructions

heart shaped balloons

felt letter stickers (optional)

contact paper


black permanent marker

Slightly inflate the balloons, add a letter to the front and back of the balloon, then draw whiskers and ears. I have horrible handwriting so I opted for felt stickers, you can definitely just write letters, or numbers for that matter. Tape contact paper, sticky side out on a wall, window, or table. Check out a video of this activity in action on our IG account @tinyn3rds.

Skill Building Play

- build CVC words

- practice letter and sound recognition

- sequence letters

- sort by vowels and consonant

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