Bodies Unit Roundup

Planning a bodies unit with your littles? We've got you covered from your head, shoulders, knees, and toes. I've rounded up all our bodies related activities into one post.


1 - Plastic bag lungs - help kids visualize their lungs filling with air

2 - DIY foam organ stamps - cut out pieces of foam sheeting in the shape of organs and glue them to cardboard or wood discs

3 - DIY felt organs - make your own moveable organs

4 - Brain diagram coloring page - draw a brain diagram using a thick marker or black dot marker, then color in using crayons or markers

5 - Textured brain puzzle - create your own sensory puzzle of the brain and pair with our brain anatomy printable

6 - DIY organs for the light table - using permanent markers, draw organs on transparency sheets

7 - Three part organ cards - use to match organ names to their images

8 - Giant human body coloring page - use a thick black marker or dot marker on butcher paper to draw a life size body diagram

Teeth & Bones

9 - Pasta bones - creating a skeleton with loose parts was a great way to visualize simple bone structure

10 - Tooth anatomy - use to learn the parts of the tooth

11 - Count and clean cavities - use the toothbrush to clean all those nasty cavities

12 - Moveable hand - learn how the hand works with just a few objects you probably already have around your house

13 - Bones art - use white oil pastels to draw the bones and black liquid watercolors in dot marker bottles to make the bones appear. Substitute non-washable crayons for oil pastels AND substitute watercolors and a paint brush for the liquid watercolors.

14 - Mouth Math - Using marshmallows as teeth match to the mouth flashcards

15 - Shape bandaids - place shape stickers on your littles body (or on a dolls body) then match the bandaid to the shape sticker. Name the parts of the body and/or bones of where the bandaid is located.

16 - Pearler beads bodies - build moveable bodies with pipe cleaners and pearler beads

General Human Bodies Unit Activities

17 - Play dough faces - use nature loose parts to create faces in play dough

18 - Face symmetry - Get your kids excited about symmetry with this “complete the image” activity!

19 - DNA snacktivity - using licorice, marshmallows, and toothpicks you can make a DNA replica

20 - Blood snacktivity - learn about the parts of the blood with this yummy snack.

21 - Doctor pretend setup - create a dramatic play doctor's office setup

22 - Circulatory system art - use string and paper cutouts to create circulatory system art

23 - Real stethoscope - You can get these for pretty cheap and they are a super fun way for kids to hear their heart beat

24 - Emotions book - Talking about individual emotions with kids is so important to helping them navigate everyday feelings.

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