Bouncy Snowballs

When you massively screw up a batch of slime and instead end up with bouncy snowballs it’s kind of a win! My goal was non-sticky slime. Unfortunately, it didn’t end up stretching hardly at all... but it rolled into fantastic bouncy balls. This activity was loaded with exploration and hypothesis testing. We passed the balls and tried to bounce the balls into bowls. We did have to keep reshaping them as they were bounced.

Supplies & Instructions

Shaving cream

Coloration clear glue

Colorations slime activator

I’m thinking you could add shaving cream to any slime to achieve the same effect, but I’m not positive. Like I said this was kind of an accident. I should also tell you that I am almost never successful when making homemade slime because I never measure and I eyeball everything.

Assuming you're still curious as to how I made this, I started by making clear slime with Colorations slime activator and clear glue from Discount School Supply. The ratio calls for 2 parts glue to 1 part slime activator; and more activator means less stretch. So apparently I had way too much slime activator because I ended up with a glob that didn't stretch. I guess that's what you get when you refuse to measure anything. Once it was mostly clumped together I added shaving cream. I used a popsicle stick to mix it for a bit, then I switched to using my hands. It starts out a bit sticky but as you kneed it, it becomes super smooth and not sticky at all.

It's possible that if I actually measured I would have ended up with a slime that was nice and stretchy, then maybe the addition of the shaving cream would have resulted in a non-sticky slime like I had hoped. But considering I still have a high level of confidence in my ability to eyeball everything (although I'm really sure why it's so high), I may never know.

TIPS: supervision is recommended, after all this is still a form of slime. Treat this as you would any other slime and do not use near carpet or put on your head (unfortunately we had this happen with regular slime once).

Preschool Prompts

Describe how the "snowball" feels when you hold it and then when you squeeze it. Do you think it will bounce? How can you make it bounce higher? If you pull on the ball do you think it will stretch or break?

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