Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Here you will find our ultimate favorite items to gift for 2019!

1. Ducky Street Tattoos - tattoos are not just for skin, we apply them to wood, plastic, eggs, you name it. Use the ABC song when applying them for an added educational bonus.

2. Yellow Door Woodland Footprint - the Yellow Door footprint sets are awesome and great for open ended play along with play dough play.

3. My Big World Playscapes Peg Dolls - Melanie makes the most beautiful felt mats and houses, in addition to her rainbow peg dolls. Peg dolls are great for open ended play as well as math manipulatives and for color sorting.

4. KwikStix Paint Sticks - KwikStix are a great option for minimal mess art activities and glide on like lipstick. Even better... they dry completely in under a couple of minutes. Perfect for those impatient toddlers (like mine).

5. Wild Republic Animal Figures - animal figures are a favorite open ended play item. We also use them for water play and sensory play. We love the Wild Republic animals because they are bit larger than most animal figures.

6. The Scholastic Store Books - The Scholastic Store has so many fantastic book titles, including one of our now favorites, "How Do Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas?".

7. Guidecraft Mirror Blocks - mirror blocks are a great addition to any block set. You can use them for science concepts like reflection and symmetry which will help build critical thinking and curiosity.

8. Magic Cloth - magic cloths are awesome because all you need to create on them is water. We've used our hands, brushes, and stamps and it's always a huge hit.

9. Yellow Door Threading Pebbles - these treading pebbles have various textures and great for sensory stimulation and fine motor. They also work great for counting and making patterns.

10. Magnetic Tiles - magnetic tiles have so many uses beyond just building. Use them to find objects in your house that are also magnetic or set them up in a window to play with light.

11. Kinderfeets Balance Board - we love our Balance Board! Balancing is a great way for kids to calm and recenter. In addition to balancing, the girls use the boards when building with blocks and play with animals.

12. Scribble Box Cardboard Creation - do you love cardboard creations but hate cutting cardboard? Everything you need is included in this set and it was a huge hit with my 5yo. The completed projects has been played with non-stop.

13. JumpOff Jo Balance Stepping Stones - these stepping stones are awesome! The bottom of the stones have a rubber lining so they won't slide around. These are great for active kids, especially when the cold weather hits.

14. Korxx Blocks - Korxx Blocks are awesome because you can use them like traditional blocks, but they also float! Now that is some serious added science benefits.

15. MagicStix Markers - MagicStix are our most used art resource. What makes these markers different from others? They won't dry out for seven days with the caps off... and we tested this.

16. Excellerations Refillable Window Blocks - these refillable window blocks are one of our favorite block sets. The girls love finding nature items and filling the blocks with their findings.

This post contains affiliate links. Meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will make a small commission if you make a purchase through the link. I only promote items that I have tried and love. Thank you for your support!

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