Cinnamon Stick Icicles

It’s not cold enough for real icicles here, so we’re making our own. These cinnamon stick icicles smelled so good, the girls kept asking to eat them!

Supplies & Instructions

pipe cleaners

cinnamon sticks

unfinished wood beads

Start by making a loop at the top of the pipe cleaner, add a few beads, a cinnamon stick, and then a few more beads. Wraps what’s left of the pipe cleaners in a small wad so the beads don’t fall off.

Math Extension

  • Count the total number of beads on the icicle

  • Write a math problem with beads to the left +/- beads to the right of the cinnamon stick

  • Do you have more round beads or square beads

  • Sort icicles by length or number of beads

  • Which icicle has the most beads

  • Create the icicle using the morse code chart

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