Coffee Filter Trees

We are at it again with the coffee filter spin art, but this time we are making DIY tree decor! I honestly don’t know if I will ever go back to spinning anything other than coffee filters. There is no cutting circles, they are cheaper than paper, and there is so much you can do with the completed creations. Scroll down for the full tutorial!

Supplies & Instructions

Salad spinner


Coffee filters


Cotton balls

Glitter paper stars

Spin art is so fun and easy! Place 2 coffee filters inside the salad spinner, add globs of paint, then close the lid and spin. We use two coffee filters only because my kids use loads of paint and one filter would most likely rip when removed. Once you are happy with your spin art, remove it from the salad spinner and let dry.

Once the coffee filters are completely dry, you can start assembling the trees. Start by folding your coffee filter to make a semi-circle, then bend the coffee filter to make a cone, and staple in place. At this point, you can use them as is, or stack them to make taller trees. Start by placing a cotton ball on the inside of one cone, then set it on top of another cone. The cotton ball will provide a place for the second cone’s tip to rest. Once you have the trees the way you want them, add a gold star, some sticker ornaments, or just leave them as is.

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