Color Changing Oobleck

Oobleck is just suspended corn starch in water which creates a liquid that sometimes behaves as a solid. But this isn’t just any Oobleck... it’s color changing Oobleck! Cara Florance introduced us to the super cool properties of butterfly pea flower tea and its ability to act as a pH indicator. As a bonus, this pH indicator is taste safe!

Supplies & Instructions


butterfly pea flower tea





deep tray

Brew the butterfly pea flower tea as per the directions on the box. You will be substituting water for the brewed butterfly pea flower tea in a traditional Oobleck recipe. Add 2 cups cornstarch to a deep tray, then slowly add 1 cup of cooled brewed tea while you mix. If the mixture is too thick, add small amounts of water until you have a nice smooth consistency. The brewed tea is blue, but when an acid (e.g. lemons or vinegar) is added to the tea, it turns pink.

One super important note, when you are all done playing with this magical color changing oobleck, you will have blue hands. Dyed hands have never stopped us from an activity but I thought you should know this activity is a sure way to get Smurf hands.

Preschool Prompts

Describe how the Oobleck feels. Describe how the lemon and vinegar smell and taste. Do you think adding lemon juice to the Oobleck will change it's physical properties? What do you think will happen if you add vinegar to the Oobleck? How can you make the Oobleck behave like a solid?

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