Counting + Fine Motor

Counting and fine motor always make for a fun combination. Especially when it involves our giant tweezers.

Supplies & Instructions

Pom poms



Big rubber bands


Black marker

Cup (or something round for prep)

To make the number sheet, I traced a cup using a black marker to create the larger circles, then added numbers at the top. For younger kids add dots to the circles to aid in one to one counting. For older kids, leave the circles empty. We also utilized a Horizons Milk cardboard box (circles were already there, no need to cut) for a simple count and drop in the hole activity.

Preschool Prompts

Which circle has the most/least pom poms? What is the biggest/smallest number on your page? How many pom poms do you think will fit in a circle? Touch each pom pom as you count how many are in the circle. Write how many pom poms are in the circle (for older kids).

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