Dancing Snails

We’ve been seeing snails popping up all over (in our feed and in our yard) lately so we decided to jump on the snail train. But this is no snail pace train ya’ll, it’s more of a snail groove! Head to the bottom of this post to snag a free template and make some groovy snails of your own.

Supplies & Instructions

Snail printable

Magnetic wand

Small magnet or paper clips

Thin tray



Old art

Using the free template below, cut out snail shapes from old art. Then wrap the snail around a pencil starting from the bottom of the snail about 3/4 of the way. Release and wrap so you have a spiral shaped bottom half of the snail. Add your magnet or paper clips to the part of the snail that touches the table so that your snail is sitting upright.

Set your snail on top of the tray and use your magnetic wand below the tray to move the snail. Our setup consists of a tray, four toilet paper tubes holding the tray up, the snail on top, and the magnetic wand on bottom. You can always use a thick piece of paper between the snail and the magnetic wand as well.

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dancing snails template
Download PDF • 392KB

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