DIY Felt Organs

Make your own moveable felt organs with our free organs template (apron pattern not included). Use the templates to make felt story board pieces or a moveable organs apron. Some sewing skills (hand and/or machine) required if you plan to make stuffed organs.

Supplies & Instructions



---- Additional Supplies for Moveable Apron ----

Fabric apron



Embroidery thread

Sewing machine and/or needle and thread

Story Board Pieces

Use the templates to cut one piece of each organ on colored felt. These can then be used on a felt story board to explore placement and reinforce organ names.

Moveable Apron

Use the templates to cut two pieces of each organ on colored felt. Sew the two pieces together leaving a small opening for stuffing. Once stuffed, close up the small opening. Using the same organ templates, trace the organ shape on the apron in the appropriate place and embroider an outline in the same color as the organ piece. Attach velcro to the apron and stuffed organ to make the pieces moveable.

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DIY Felt Organs

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