DIY Heart Glasses

I have all the heart eyes for how these heart glasses turned out! Are you in need of some super rad heart glasses for the big day of love?? These were a huge hit and super easy to make and decorate.


plastic heart glasses

foam sheets or foam hearts


hot glue gun (for prep only)

foam heart stickers

peel and stick rhinestones

Cut smaller hearts out of the larger hearts, making sure the smaller hearts are smaller than the frames of the glasses. Hot glue the foam hearts to the glasses then they are ready for decorating.

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Preschool Prompts

What shapes can you point out on your glasses? Can you find other objects that are the same shape? How many stickers did you use? Did you use more rhinestones or stickers? What colors can you point out on your glasses? What color was used the most/least? What's your favorite color? Can you find other objects that are the same color?

Preschool Skills

creative thinking, shape recognition, fine motor, visual perception, creative thinking

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