DIY Heart Magnets

It’s almost “Happy Heart Day” as my kids like to call it and our DIY magnetic hearts are sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Supplies & Instructions

heart stickers (felt or foam*)


felt number stickers

*If you are going to use foam stickers they need to be a thinner foam sticker

Peel the backing of one heart sticker, add the magnet, then peel the backing of a second heart sticker and apply to the other heart making sure all edges match up and the magnet is completely encased. Check out a video tutorial on our IG account @tinyn3rds.

Play Opportunities

Add them to a sensory bin then have the child use a magnet (we used a magnetic wand but another heart will also work) to remove a single heart and name the number. Alternatively you could call out a number for them to find. For older kids, they can create double digit numbers using two hearts, then name and write the number.

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