DIY Marble Run

We used cardboard tubes, dome cup lids, and peel and stick magnets to make this DIY moveable marble run. We loved the cardboard tubes from Discount School Supply for this activity because they are nice and thick!

Supplies & Instructions

Cardboard tubes

Dome cup lids

Peel and stick magnets

Metal surface (for playing with the moveable marble run)

Wood beads or marbles

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To make the cardboard pieces, cut the tubes in half, and attach a magnet to each piece. Place the magnet in a location that will allow the tube to be perpendicular to the metal surface. This may mean, placing the magnet above the cut edge like in the picture above. If your dome lids have a lip in the center, trim it off. Instead of marbles we used wood beads, which are lighter than marbles; the lighter the marble the less pieces will move around.

Place pieces in different configurations to practice skills like: critical and creative thinking, cognitive thinking, fine motor, problem solving, hypothesis testing, additionally simple science concepts like gravity and magnetic properties are explored.

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