DIY Ring Toss

We made this super simple ring toss game with cardboard, cardboard tubes, hot glue, and neon paper. You can watch a video tutorial on Instagram to see how we made the rings or keep reading for picture instructions.

Supplies & Instructions

9"x9" paper (2 colors per ring)

Hot glue

Cardboard tubes

Stiff cardboard (for the base of the tubes)

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Place the two different colors on top of each other then fold corner to corner leaving about half an inch of the other color showing. Flip the triangle over and fold (from the folded side) up about half and inch. Keep folding until the tip of the triangle. You should see both colors when you are done folding.

Hot glue the tip of the triangle pieces to the center so they don't unfold. Bend the strip into a ring and slide one side into the other side. Secure the ends with hot glue. Your ring should be night and secure at this point, and ready to use.

Hot glue cardboard tubes to a stiff cardboard base. Toss the rings at the tubes, and whoever gets the most rings on the tubes wins. Turns out, the girls were way better at this game than I was!

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