DIY Snow Paint

The girls have been begging for it and it finally happened... it snowed! We whipped up our favorite DIY outdoor paint and headed outside. I’m not gonna lie, this paint is snow much fun!!

Supplies & Instructions

2 tablespoons corn starch

1 cup hot water

liquid watercolors or food coloring

Mix the cornstarch with hot water then add liquid watercolors (or food coloring) until you are happy with the color. If you make this ahead of time, the starch will settle to the bottom, just give it a quick stir or shake and you’ll be ready to go. Check out a video of the kids playing with this paint in our reels on our IG account @tinyn3rds.

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We like to use droppers because this paint is quite a bit thinner than typical paint. If you want a thicker paint, you’ll need to make it similar to the way you make gravy by cooking the cornstarch and water mixture. I’m not a fan of cooking in general, so I just stick to our quick and easy method and kids don’t complain.

Skills Addressed

- color theory through color mixing

- promotes hypothesis testing and descriptive language development

- promotes critical and creative thinking

- promotes eye hand coordination and fine motor skill development (if using a dropper)

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