DIY Valentine Animals

After seeing the stunning hand painted arctic creatures on Handmade Charlotte my eyeballs almost popped outta my head, and I immediately knew we had to have a set of our own. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I figured why not make them fit the theme. These beauties have served so many uses in our sensory trays and our block play, and just out on display.

Supplies & Instructions

Plastic animals

Acrylic paint

Paint brush

Clear coat spray paint

These took about 3 base coats on each animal. Once the base coat was dry we added details using the back end (wood part) of our paint brushes. Once everything was dry I gave them a pretty heavy coat of clear spray paint.

By the way, these window blocks from Discount School Supply were my favorite way to let the kids explore small loose parts when they were younger. Now they are mostly used as a fun way to add color to our block play.

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