DIY Window Stickers

Remember how we said we'd show you how to make window stickers from the BioColor Paint we were given from Discount School Supply!?! Well here it is, and it's super easy!

Supplies & Instructions

Clear transparency

BioColor paint


You will need a smooth plastic surface to work on; transparency sheet, laminated page, even a plastic bag will work. Pour paint in designs on your smooth plastic surface, then let dry. Our designs took about 4 days to completely dry, but they were super thick since I poured directly from the bottle. At this point you can either leave your designs as is and peel and stick to the window OR you can trim them to give a more defined shape. I opted to trim most of our designs. If your stickers lose their stickiness, wipe them across a damp rag prior to applying them to the window for renewed stickiness.

Now wasn't that easy? The hardest part about this activity is the waiting for them to dry. I don't know who was more excited, me or the girls!

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