DNA Snacktivity

Not the healthiest of snacktivities but definitely an informative one! I found this edible DNA activity on @homemade.learners over on Instagram and then obviously had to make a printable to go along with it. This activity is a great way to squeeze in some science and practice color and pattern recognition at the same time.

Supplies & Instructions


Mini marshmallows


Free printable

Using the base pairs printable the older (5yo) kids matched up the marshmallows to create a DNA double helix. For A (3yo) this activity was more about the fine motor and color recognition.

Use the blank DNA mat and labels to practice naming the parts of the DNA double helix. Then use the labeled mat to check your answers. I laminated all of our pieces then added velcro to the backs of the labels and the blank spaces.

Preschool Prompts

For older kids: What patterns do you see? What base pair matches up with adenine? How many thymine are in the DNA you created? If you used four adenine how many thymine do you need to use? How many bases (individual marshmallows) did you use? How many base pairs (2 marshmallows + toothpick = 1 base pair)? Using your senses describe the marshmallow.

For younger kids: How many different colored marshmallows do you have? Do you have more pink or more green? How many toothpicks did you use? Touch each toothpick as you count. Is the marshmallow squishy the pillow or hard like a rock? Does the marshmallow taste sweet like a strawberry or sour like a lemon?

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DNA Anatomy & Base Pairs

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