Easter Basket Fillers

When it comes to filling Easter baskets, my biggest tip for keeping the cost down is to shop the day after sales (especially for small filler items) and save the items for the following year. I also always check the Dollar Tree and Target Dollar Spot for small filler items like mini erasers, slime, clay, bouncy balls, and other small toys. I like to include one or two "big items" in the basket as well, and I always try to make sure they have some educational value (more of a goal than a rule).

I have created a list on Amazon with a few fun "big items" that would be perfect in an Easter basket. Please keep in mind, when shopping on Amazon, always check for open box options (usually it's just a messed up box) for a deeper discount. Especially when shopping for basket fillers, you can always remove items from a broken box and place them in the basket unboxed.

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1. Get a closer look at things and help spark curiosity with a Learning Resources Magnifying Glass

2. Color and Cut Masks books are a great way to practice fine motor and scissor skills, while encouraging creative thinking and imaginative play

3. WonderStix are one one of our favorite art resources because they can be used on chalkboards, dark paper, wood, and windows

4. Try the new pastel colored KwikStix for mess free painting with a drying time of 60 seconds

5. Honey Sticks were our favorite crayons when the girls were little, they are made with beeswax and smell amazing

6. Thermos Funtainer water bottles come in all different prints, solids, and glitter colors (sold at Target too)

7. Watch the lifecycle of a butterfly up close with the Butterfly Bungalow

8. Colorations washable tempera paint are our favorite washable paints and perfect for any young artist

9. Pop Tubes - pop them, bend them, build with them, my kids go crazy for them

These are just our top nine Easter basket fillers, head to our "Easter 2021" list on Amazon to see the complete list.

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