Fall Sensory Bottles

We’ve got some easy peasy sensory bottles for fall with built in science concepts! Bottle 1 sinking leaves, bottle 2 suspended leaves (or are they?), bottle 3 floating feathers. I left a little room in bottle 2 so you could see the sneaky science... the leaves aren’t floating, they are mixed in with clear water beads. Why can’t you see the water beads when submerged in water? They have the same refractive index as water; meaning light travels through the water and water beads at the same rate.

Supplies & Instructions

Clear water beads

Plastic bottles


Mini erasers

Acrylic Leaves

Bottles 1 and 3 just add water and the respective feathers. For bottle 2, hydrate the water beads in the bottle, then add the mini erasers. Use a straw to push the mini erasers into place.

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