Fall Sensory Clock

E has been really interested in time so instead of overloading her, I’ve been sneaking a little time play into our day. I found a really cool educational clock, that I put “in a safe place” and now can’t seem to find it. So instead, I’ve been creating these sensory time setups in the meantime. But don’t let this picture fool you, it stays this way for about two minutes then all bets are off and colors are mixed.

We’ve only been working with “on the hour” times for now. For A (3yo), I try to work on number recognition but she’s really only interested in one thing... destroy the clock. I mean the play is what it’s all about anyway right!?! At least that’s what I’m telling myself.


dry chickpeas

acrylic paint

felt leaves

felt numbers

ziploc bags

circle tray

Coloring chickpeas is super easy! Pour chickpeas into a ziploc bag, add acrylic paint, mix and shake, then dry on a tray.

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