Faux Snow Sensory

It’s official! We have snow... well inside our house anyway! Steve Spangler Insta-Snow has been a long time favorite in our household, but thanks to our partner Discount School Supply we have lots more to play with now and some pretty sweet snowball molds.

Product Review

Like I said we've been long time fans of Insta-Snow. We've used it as is and added liquid watercolor to have colored snow. This does tend to be a bit of a messy sensory experience, but it’s so cool! We like to follow the included instructions to make a super fluffy snowy sensory. When the kids start to tire of that, we add more water until we have a more compressible sludge like substance. This is the form most suited to building snowmen.

Extending the play

Before we toss out the sludge, we transfer it to ice cube trays and freeze them for another round of of play. This time we also added Steve Spangler water absorbing polymer cubes (one of our favorites) and shaving cream to the play setup. After attempting to build ice towers, we also decided to add some color to our play using liquid watercolors.

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What’s not pictured here, is the snow ball fight that resulted from me leaving a 4, 5, and 6yo unattended for two minutes to help my husband 🤦‍♀️ DISCLAIMER: kids should be supervised by an adult while playing with Insta-Snow and this activity is not suited for kids under 4 years old.

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