Footprint Matching

These Roylco Animal Tracks Stamps |gifted| are so cool, especially with play dough. There are several ways we played with them, other than the obvious make loads of footprints in the dough. Use our affiliate code TINYN3RDS for 15% off at

Supplies & Instructions

Roylco Animal Tracks Stamps

Play dough

Plastic animals

Play 1

Make a footprint then match the animal figure to the foot print

Play 2

Find the matching footprint. What’s really cool about these stamps, is that you get two footprint stamps for each animals but they aren’t identical which makes matching up the footprints a fun challenge.

Play 3

Identify which animal lives in the Arctic. While there are animals like the artic fox, arctic hare, and caribou (reindeer) we didn’t have those plastic animals so the only animal that qualifies is the polar bear. Oh and our really cool penguins didn’t make the cut for this activity because, well they live in the Antarctic region not the Arctic. Having even just one Arctic animal on hand made for quite a discussion.

It should be noted that none of the footprints are actually polar animals, however I don’t think there is a big enough difference between a polar bear footprint and a brown bear footprint to be an issue for a toddler.

Preschool Prompts

Which of these animals lives in the Arctic region? Who has the bigger footprint? Make a pattern with the footprints, what comes next? How many paw prints does a polar bear leave when it walks through the snow? How many footprints do you leave when you walk through the snow?

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