Fortune Cookie Actions

Crack open these DIY fortune cookies for some super fun actions that are sure to get the wiggles out. What will your fortune be? "Sing as loud as you can" or "stand on one leg" how about "give someone a hug". Whatever your fortune it's sure to entertain.

Supplies & Instructions

Foam sheet

10mm velcro dot


Free printable

Using the template, cut a circle from the foam sheet and apply two velcro dots. To fold the fortune cookie, set the foam circle with the velcro dots on the table. Place a strip parallel to the velcro dots but hanging off the edge a bit. Pull up the edges of the foam circle forming a taco around the strip but with the velcro dots still touching the table. With your other hand, bring the velcro dots together, letting the foam naturally fold where your other hand is holding the foam circle.

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Fortune Cookie Template & Action Strips

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