Ghost Tracks

Ghost tracks have never been so colorful! Last year my daughter brought home a mechanical toothbrush robot from preschool and my mind was blown! So we decided to recreate it again, but this time with a little halloween spin. These little ghost robots are so super simple to make and loads of STEAMy fun.

Supplies & Instructions

mechanical toothbrush

pool noodle

3 markers

white masking tape

googly eyes

foam ghost cutout

hot glue for prep only

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Cut a 3-4” piece of pool noodle, then tape the three markers evenly spaced around. Make sure the markers are all the same height. Using the white tape, cover the sides of the pool noodle. Slip the toothbrush into the pool noodle with the toothbrush head up. Now prepare the ghost by gluing from one hand, up over the head, and on down to the other hand. You are basically creating a “glove” that can then just slip right over the top of the toothbrush. When you’re ready, remove the marker caps, turn on the toothbrush and watch the magic happen.

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