Halloween Slime

I flow like water but move as one, what am I? The most ultimate pre-made slime from Discount School Supply (gifted). I'm going to be totally honest, my initial reaction to seeing buckets of slime arrive at my house was fear. I have a love hate relationship with slime, but ya'll after playing with it, I only have love for this stuff. You can see a video of the slime in action on our instagram account @tinyn3rds.

The properties of the slime are ahhhhmazing! You get all the slimy goodness here without the sticky mess; and for the tiny amount that does stick to your skin, washes off easily with water. I tossed our spooky plastic pieces in a bowl of water to clean them. The small amount of slime that was on them, just dissolved away in a few minutes. Seriously, this was the easiest slime to clean!

One of the super cool properties include being able to pour the slime from the bucket to the tray, and then again back into the bucket; making prep and clean up a cinch. You can make some pretty epic bubbles just by blowing into the slime with a straw. This is a weird one, but the girls thought it was hilarious, you can make it jiggle (check out the video). When played with in the dark under black light, the neon slime fluoresces. Like I said, seriously cool properties!

Supplies & Instructions

Neon orange slime #SLIMEOR

Spooky plastic toys


Black light

Pour slime into a tray and place plastic toys in the slime. Using a straw try blowing bubbles. When playing in the dark add a black light and watch it "glow".

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Preschool Prompts

What are some words we can use to describe the slime? (smooth, stretchy, jiggly, squishy) Let’s each blow a bubble and see whose bubble is bigger. How do you think you can make a bubble bigger? (blowing more air into the straw) Can you make it smaller without popping it? (try sucking some air out) What is inside the bubble? (air)

There is a special chemical compound inside this neon slime called fluorophores. In this case, the fluorophores re-emit light after black light is shown on them. The “glow” that you see is actually fluorescence.

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