Harvest Moon Squish Art

As I was planning our Halloween activities for October, I was reminded of the harvest moon squish art we made last year. It was so super simple and the end result was beautiful! It was such a huge hit last year we decided to do it again this year. My kids are pretty much on board with any activity that gives them approval to create blobs of paint.

Supplies & Instructions

clear plastic plates (2 for each moon)

pom poms

rhinestones (optional)


foam stickers


With the plate on the table upright (as if you were going to put food on it), add a few globs of paint to the plate. Then set a second plate (also upright) on top and press! Leave them this way, don't pull them apart. We decorated our plates with pom poms, rhinestones, and foam stickers. The paint between the plates will take forever to completely dry, but after about 48hrs they are good to go in the way of hanging on the wall or window.

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