Holiday STEAM Gift Guide

The holiday season is fast approaching! Not sure what to get the little ones in your life? With tons of options out there, it can be overwhelming to decide on the perfect gift. That’s why I have compiled five short lists all of which fall into the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, or Math (STEAM) category to help you start your search!

How did items make the list? We've tried them, we love them, and we trust the quality of the brand.

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Tips for shopping on Amazon

Planning to shop Amazon this holiday season? Consider these tips to help you make the most of your Holiday budget. Always check for open box options (especially if it's for your own child), if available they are usually heavily discounted. Add an item to your cart then "save for latter" to watch for price changes. Don't forget to check out the Prime Day deals. Lastly, if it's an off brand of something your like, always check for similar items as there might be someone selling it cheaper.

Want to skip all the information here and go straight to our Amazon shop to view items that made the list? Click Here.

Gift Guide for Creating

These items are perfect for the little creative in your life.

  1. Creative QT Brick Building Letter Board and Pixels - Pair this magnetic board with the Pixel Bricks and you can create a decoding system using colors and letters. Create images using the free downloadable images sheets from the Creative QT website. You will need a Board to use these.

  2. Unplug Activity Book - A must have activity book for kids! You can see our review here.

  3. Hey Clay - Hey Clay walks your child through building clay creations. It's a favorite in our house.

  4. Lego Dots - Get creative with the new LEGO Dots sets. Perfect for any Engineer 6+

  5. Wonder Stix - Use on paper, wood, windows, chalkboards, and plastic. In our experience it washes off all non-porous surfaces.

  6. Kid Made Modern - Grab your all in one art library with this fantastic set of art supplies.

  7. Cloud Clay - Cloud clay is a mix between play dough and kinetic sand. This comes in several different colors. (May be cheap on the Discount School Supply site)

  8. Perler Beads - Perler beads are an old classic. Pick a themed set or pick a mixed set for some fine motor, creative, and critical thinking practice.

  9. Plus Plus Blocks - Plus Plus blocks are great for open ended play and building.

  10. Magic Stix - What they say is true, these markers won't dry out for 7 days. We've tested this!

  11. Rock Crayons - Rock crayons are perfect for pre-writters. The shape allows for a full hand grip when coloring. The are also great for rub art.

Gift Guide for Building

These items are great for not just building but also increasing problem solving sills.

  1. Snap Circuits - Learning to build circuits is so much fun with this set.

  2. Picasso Tiles - Colored magnetic tiles are fun, but clear are even cooler! Don't forget to add a set of tea lights.

  3. Korxx Blocks - These blocks FLOAT! Just be sure to completely dry them before placing back in a basket.

  4. Squigz - This is such a fun product to engineer structures on windows, tables, or any smooth surface.

  5. Excellerations Window Blocks - Collect nature items then add them to the blocks. These are a great investment piece. (May be cheaper on the Discount School Supply site)

  6. Kinetic Sand - Get digging in Kinetic sand for some sensory and engineering.

  7. Jumbo Foam Dinosaur Puzzle - The back of this foam puzzle is a skeleton! There are a few dinosaurs to choose from.

  8. Uncle Goose Blocks - The Uncle Goose blocks add a little science with the already STEM functions of blocks. They also have a periodic table version.

  9. Balancing Cactus - Practice balancing the cactus with this toy. Plan toys has lots of other beautiful wooden toys.

Gift Guide for Exploring

Kids will love exploring cool science with these items.

  1. Starry Night - Makes for a great night light and perfect for outer space pretend play.

  2. Energy Stick - Steve Spangler Science kits are perfect as gifts or stocking stuffers. Kids will be wowed!

  3. Rock, Minerals, and Fossils - Perfect for the little Geologist in your life.

  4. Ada Twist Scientist - Perfect for the little scientist in your life.

  5. Magic Sand - Steve Spangler Science kits are perfect as gifts or stocking stuffers. Kids will be wowed!

  6. Crack a Geode - Crack open your own geodes! Perfect for the little geologist in your life.

  7. Holiday Specs - Add a little eye sparkle to the kids stockings this year for loads of fun! Specs turn lights into different Holiday shapes.

  8. Magnifier - Looking at things up close is a great way to start science conversations.

  9. Mary Had a Little Lab - Super cute rhyming book that is a play on Mary Has a Little Lamb. One of our favorite books.

  10. Water Beads - You can't go wrong with water beads for kids 5+

  11. Deluxe Lab Set - Perfect for the little scientist in your life. Learning Resources has a great selection (and excellent quality) of science tools.

  12. Instant Snow - Bring some snow to your home with insta-snow. This stuff has some super cool properties.

Gift Guide for Technology

I know with the current times you may want limit screen time, but I still rounded up a few of my favorite ways to incorporate learning with technology.

  1. Marbotic - This is such a fun interactive literacy and math learning set. We've had ours for a few years and the kids love it. (Requires a tablet)

  2. Osmo - Osmo has so many fantastic sets it's hard to choose just one. I'd suggest Coding Awbie and any of the creative sets if you already have the starter set and are looking to expand. (Requires a tablet)

  3. Boogie Board - This digital tablet lets you draw then erase with a click of a button. (no additional devices required)

  4. Super Mario Adventures - Add some off screen time to your Nintendo play with the new Mario + Lego collaboration. (Requires a Nintendo Switch)

  5. Sphero - Learn to code and drive the ball with a tablet. (Requires a tablet)

  6. Nintendo Labo - A must have items if you already own a Nintendo! Kids will love building then playing with this interactive add on. (Requires a Nintendo Switch)

  7. Lego Boost Creative Kit - Add a technology aspect to your Lego play. We have not actually tried this item but it looked too cool not to add it to our list. (Requires a tablet)

Gift Guide for Discount School Supply

If you love Discount School Supply as much as we do... you might just want to do your holiday shopping through them. We love their Colorations tempera paint and liquid watercolors, but here are a few of our favorite STEM related items from Discount School Supply. Be sure to sign up for their emails and/or text messages to get the latest discounts.

  1. Slime - This is a big bucket of slime and it's so much fun to play with! You can check out our review of this here.

  2. Liquid Tiles - These are fun to walk on or use as play surface, and a great investment piece. There are four colors available.

  3. Dough Rollers - If your little loves play dough they will love these textured dough rollers.

  4. Threading Pebbles - The textures on the stones make threading a sensory experience as well.

  5. Treasure Tubes - Perfect for the the little explorer in your life that loves to collect and display their treasures.

  6. Specimen Viewers - These are a fun way to get a closer look at nature specimens. There are a few different types so be sure to check them all out before deciding.

  7. Real Stethoscope - This is a real stethoscope and truly loved in our house.

  8. Environments EarlySTEM - The EarlySTEM wood toys are not only beautifully crafted but they serve as a great early and safe exposure to STEM. These can be purchased as a set or individually.

  9. Mud Kitchen - If you are in the market for a mud kitchen, I highly recommend this one. It has a functioning sink! You can see our full review here.

  10. Life Cycle Puzzles - Explore life cycles with these beautifully crafted nesting puzzles.

  11. Sun Paper - Use the sun to make some amazing prints with this paper. It's a perfect combination of science and art!

  12. Cloud Clay - Cloud clay is a mix between play dough and kinetic sand. This comes in several different colors.

  13. Excellerations Window Blocks - Collect nature items then add them to the blocks. These are a great investment piece.

Click HERE to see Discount School Supply's own Holiday Gift Guide which is sorted by age.

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