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We were gifted a few books from Insight Editions @InsightEditions and we are just so excited to share how cool each one of these books has been for us to explore. Not only are the context of the books great, all three books have gorgeous illustrations and are excellent quality. Read on for a detailed review of each book.

100 Words English-Spanish

If you are looking for a Spanish/English vocabulary book for toddlers, this is it!! It’s board book style and interactive with the pull up tabs. There are seven vocabulary themes (animals, outdoors, food, things I wear, things that go, playtime, and at home) with a picture for each word. The English word for each picture is visible when the tab is down and reveals the Spanish word when the tab is pulled up. The quality of the book and tabs are nice and thick. We are absolutely in love with this book and the potential for English-Spanish learning!

This book says ages 3+ but I feel like it can be used with all ages, even Adults. We have enjoyed saying the English word, then pulling the tab to learn the Spanish word. As we learn more Spanish words, the pull up tab will be used as a way to self check our Spanish vocabulary.

This book comes in two themes: English-Chinese and 100 Words English-Spanish. Both will be available for purchase August 18, 2020 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

Twisters Wild Animals

The illustrations in this book are beautiful, and the color scheme is gorgeous. This is a thick board book and the quality of the spinning heads is excellent. The faces flip with ease and each page is labeled with the animals name. All the kids (3-6yo) thought flipping the faces was just about the coolest thing ever!

The age recommendation is 3+ but this can definitely be shown to younger kids with supervision. The head spinning ability makes it a great first book for matching animal names to faces.

This book comes in two themes: Farm Animals and Twisters Wild Animals. Both will be available for purchase August 18, 2020 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

Fingerprint Our World

Who doesn’t love a little fingerprint art!?! I love that the book has completed examples (fingerprint + drawings), partially completed spaces (drawings only, you add the fingerprint), and lots of open space to create your own fingerprint art. Each page has prompts to aid in the creative process. There are 16 different scenes and 9 ink pads. This activity book is perfect for entertaining the kids at home or on the go.

Tips: The book suggests a cup of water and a paper towel for cleaning your hands between colors. However, I suggest a damp rag instead where they can wipe the color off their fingers. Spilling a cup of water happens far too often in this house. The book says 3+ which I agree with, but my 3yo thought making a rainbow on her finger was the best thing ever. My 6yo was not happy about the colors being mixed. If this happens, use a damp cloth to gently wipe the tops of the ink pads.

This activity book comes in two themes: Friends and Fingerprint Our World. Both will be available for purchase August 18, 2020 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

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