Learning Through Play with Sensory

    Sensory bins are a great place for children to expand their descriptive vocabulary and creative thinking, in addition to exploring learning objectives. AND they don’t have to be loaded with items to be loaded with learning! Below are some of the ways to play with only three items: rice, mini erasers, and straws

    Supplies & Instructions

    rice (dying optional)

    mini erasers

    paper straws

    Activity Prompts

    1. make a pattern with mini erasers (math)

    2. stick the straws into the rice and balance hearts on top (engineering)

    3. use a straw to draw letters in the rice (literacy)

    4. count how many mini erasers you can stack before they fall (engineering)

    5. count the mini erasers/straws (math)

    6. use the mini erasers to form letters (literacy)

    7. use the straws to make shapes (math)

    8. use the straws and mini erasers to write letters in Morse code (math)

    9. make a mandala using the straws and mini erasers (art)

    10. use the mini erasers to form numbers (math)

    After setting up our sensory trays I had a few extra sensory supplies, so I listed a set in our shop. What’s pictured here is only half the set!



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