Loose Parts STEM Play

STEM play doesn’t have to be complicated and with a little guidance it can really expand their learning. With just one tray of loose parts (see below for the basics included) we can build structures, create mandalas, and let the imagination run wild.

Supplies & Instructions

Cardboard tubes

Something flat*

Decorative items**

*wood discs, popsicle sticks, felt shapes, foam shapes, or cardboard pieces

**feathers, felt pumpkins, wood sticks, colored stones, or rocks

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Suggest seeing how high of a tower you can build, or how fancy of a tower. The play here is open ended but by guiding them towards tower building you have added loads of extra skills practice: critical and creative thinking, eye hand coordination, and fine motor strengthening.

Suggest creating a mandala and ask how many patterns they can spot. Again the play is open ended but by guiding them towards mandala building you add critical and creative thinking, pattern recognition, and symmetry exploration.

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