Marshmallow Snowflake

Snow is one of those things that have always fascinated my kids, but there is one thing they love more than snow... edible snowflakes. This activity is an old classic (marshmallows and toothpicks STEM activity) with a snowflake structure spin. I honestly didn't get any completed pictures of the snowflakes because the second they were done making them, they scarfed them down. A (3yo) resorted to one marshmallow on each side of a toothpick and called it a snowflake, thereby being able to eat the marshmallows faster. She's really good at finding loop holes in the rules: no eating the marshmallows until you make your snowflake.

Supplies & Instructions



Roylco snowflake stencil (optional)

While I love our snowflake stencils, they are not necessary for this activity. They were only used for snowflake inspiration and reference.

Preschool Prompts

How many arms does does your snowflake have? Can you spot any shapes in your snowflake? How many marshmallows did you use? Did you use more marshmallows or more toothpicks? Using a ruler, measure your snowflake. Describe the marshmallow using all five of your senses.

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