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We had some leftover marshmallows from our DNA snacktivity the other day, and wow they really make for the perfect teeth in this activity. We played by picking a number card and then matching the number using marshmallow teeth and the “no teeth” mouth mat (free printable at the end of this post).

Unfortunately I got a migraine after setting this activity up, but my awesome mom walked the kids through it. I’m sure it ended with how many marshmallows they could fit in their own mouth. And quite frankly I’m sure that’s how A (3yo) started out the activity.

Supplies & Instructions



Mouth flashcards

Mouth mat free printable

There's so many ways to play with these mouth mats! If laminated, you could use a chalk crayon to draw the number of teeth, or write a number in the mouth and then match with the correct number of marshmallow teeth. You could also substitute flashcards for a dice if you have older kids. If you love the mouth counting cards, they will be available soon.

Preschool Prompts

How many teeth do you think you have? Do you have more or less teeth than your mouth mat? Are there more teeth on the bottom or the top of your mouth mat? If you have two teeth on top and three teeth on the bottom, how many teeth are in the mouth?

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Mouth Math Mat

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