No Mess. No Carve. Pumpkins

Do you dread carving pumpkins as much as I do!?! I've got you covered with these six no mess, no carve pumpkin options perfect for kids of all ages. If you're feeling bold and want a messy no carve pumpkin, head over to our squeeze paint pumpkins for a rainbow of explosion.

From left to right:

Temporary tattoos - our favorite tattoos are always from Ducky Street; apply as you would to your body. We like to since the ABC song for a little educational bonus.

Peel and stick rhinestones - these are as easy as peel and stick! You can easily throw in some color and shape recognition with this one.

Peel and stick googly eyes - no glue involved with these googly eyes, but definitely some fine motor from peeling and sticking.

Chalk crayons - WonderStix work wonders on pumpkins, use a clear spray paint to seal when done.

Foam glitter stickers - another easy peel and stick method with some added sparkle and texture sensory. We found ours at Dollar Tree but a craft store would also have some.

Plastic mini bats - using bat rings (we found ours at Dollar Tree), cut the ring part off, add a double sided sticky dot and apply to the pumpkin.

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