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I usually love big setups using both sides of our IKEA FLISAT table, but that was when my girls were in preschool part of the day and I had ample time to prep. With schools closed, I have little prep time and I need to be able to change things up without having to prep every day.

If you don’t know what the FLISAT table is, it’s amazing and perfect for all things sensory! It has spots for two bins and a flat cover for the table top allowing only one side or both sides to be opened.

If you are on the subject of insects and bugs, be sure to check out our fun printables in the shop. We've got ladybug, butterfly, and bee life cycle & anatomy activities, as well as caterpillar math that make for the perfect addition to any insect and bugs studies.

Supplies & Instructions

Scoop-A-Bug Sorting Kit (or you can use small cups and plastic bugs)

Black beans

Large tweezers

Large plastic bugs

Small plastic bugs

Numbers or number flashcards

Balance or scale

Bin 1

Create a layer of black bins (aka dirt) in this bin, then add the bugs to be sorted. If you are using the Lakeshore Learning Scoop-A-Bug Sorting set you will need the ladybugs, grasshoppers, and bees, along with the matching cups. If you are using your own bugs, just add pictures or words to small cups to indicate how these will be sorted. You will also need large tweezers for this activity.

Bin 2

This bin will hold the large and small plastic bug, as well as the numbers.

Daily Activities

Because the FLISAT table has two "lids" you can open one side at a time or both sides. For the days where only one bin is used the closed side will be used as the work surface.

Day 1

Count and sort bugs (bin one) - focus on counting the bugs while you sort. If you use different amounts of each bugs you can discus which has more and less of each bug.

Day 2

Counting bugs (bin two) - pick a number (or number flashcard) then count our the matching number of bugs.

Day 3

Small world play (bin one and two) - this is an open invitation to play with the bugs and always one of the kids favorites. You could move this to the end of the week since it does tend to get a bit messy. I like to use it in the middle of the week because then I can reuse it on the weekend if needed.

Day 4

Balancing bugs (bin two + balance) or Weighing bugs (bin two + scale) - focus on exploring which bug weighs more or less. If you are using a balance you can also explore how many little bugs will weigh the same as one big bug.

Day 5

Sorting big and small (bin two + marker) - On the top of the table (covering bin one) draw two boxes and write "big" and "small" over the boxes. Focus on sorting the bugs into the two categories.

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