Paper Plate Bunny & Chick Mask

Hop on over and grab the free template (at the bottom of this post) for making these super easy bunny and chick mask. Don't forget to tag @tinyn3rds on Instagram if you decide to make one. We'd love to see your hoppy little bunnies and chirpy little chicks!

Supplies & Instructions

Paper plate

Cardboard or poster board

Elastic or string

Paint or markers


Cut out the face template and align it on your paper plate, then trace the bottom of the face template and cut to the edges of the plate. Cut out the ears template, trace and cut. Glue the smaller ear pieces to the larger ear, then attach to the paper plate. For the whiskers just cut long rectangles and glue on.

This same template can be used to create a chick mask as well. In addition to the supplies listed you will need feathers and orange paper or felt (for the beak).

Printables are for personal use only and by downloading you are agreeing to the terms of use


Bunny Mask Template
Download PDF • 557KB

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