Paper Plate Purse

My girls are all about purses and places to put their most valuable junk, I mean things. This paper plate purse was inspired by Start Creative Studio's adventure pouch. My intention was to straight up copy the adventure pouch, but E was like, nope I have my own plans and we need scissors for it. I just helped with the hot glue and suggested the velcro because she asked how we could keep it closed like a "real purse".

Supplies & Instructions

2 paper plates (the cheap kind)

Foam heart

Heart stickers (for decoration)

Velcro dots


Hole puncher

Plastic needle

Hot glue (just for gluing velcro dot and foam heart)


Cut across one of the plates approximately 4" from the top. Set the plates so they are sitting flush with each other and punch a hole ever three notches in the plate. If your plate doesn't have notches try to evenly space or the holes won't line up when you flip the plate over. Now flip the plate over, lining up the dots and fold the back plate over making the purse flap.

Using your plastic needle and yarn, sew the two plates together and use the excess yarn to create a strap. Using hot glue, attach the top part of the foam heart to the flap. Apply the velcro dot tot he bottom tip of the heart with hot glue. Attach the second velcro dot to the first, add hot glue and close the flap. Press firmly to make sure the velcro dots are securely attached. Once the glue cools you can open and close your purse.

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