Play Dough Turkeys

Can you guess what we will be making before you scroll down? That’s right turkeys! Scroll. Wait what, these look like chickens!?! Shhhh! Don’t tell the kids that I unintentionally gave them supplies that inevitably would look more like chickens than turkeys. Maybe we should have used brown dough and brown feet!?!

Supplies & Instructions

colored play dough


googly eyes

pipe cleaners

other additives (rhinestones, acrylic leaves, plastic candy corn)

Dough invitations are so simple to setup, put all the supplies in a tray and watch the magic happen. If your child needs a little help getting started, create with them! Not all dough creations ended up being turkeys, take a look at these creations: Christmas Homie (as named by A) and a camouflaged spider made by E.

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