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Bring out the playing cards! We’ve got a free printable for practicing simple addition at the end of this post. Don't have playing cards? No problem, laminate (or use in a pocket protector) and use a dry erase marker for practicing simple addition at home.

Supplies & Instructions

Playing cards

Free printable

Dry erase marker

Laminator or page protector

Print and laminate (or use a page protector) the "math addition mat" printable. To use with playing cards place a card from 2-9 in the first and second space. Using the dry erase marker add dots to the ten frame to represent the number on the card. Add the two cards together using the stacked ten frames after the equal sign and write the answer in the blank box.

If you don't have playing cards use magnetic numbers, numbers from a puzzle, a dice (roll to determine the number), or just write your own math problems. Numbers in box one or two can be anywhere from 0-10. We have two math addition mat options: numbers that add up to 10 and numbers that add up to 20.

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math addition mat 10
Download PDF • 14KB

math addition mat 20
Download PDF • 14KB

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