Polar Bear Den

It’s the simple things that really get these girls to dive in and explore. Especially when you pose the activity as making a home for the polar bears. At which point, both girls gave an obligatory "ahhh" to the baby polar bear. Did you know that Polar bears don't actually hibernate like other types of bears? They do however, use a den to give birth.

Something as simple as stacking cups, allows for so much curiosity stimulation, critical thinking building, hypothesis testing, and creative problem solving. And let's not forget about the structural engineering that goes into making a hibernation den out of cups.

Supplies & Instructions

White Paper Dixie Cups

Acyrlic Ice Cubes

Polar Bears

There's no real prep for this one, except setting out the supplies and posing the task of building a den for polar bears.

Preschool Prompts

Help the polar bear build a den. What is the purpose of a den? What are some ways you can use the cups to make a den? How many cups did you use for the den? What happens if you flip the cups over, can you still balance them?

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