Salt Painting

I’ve been dying to try salt painting with all the spectacular science it has to offer. It did not disappoint! This activity is not only beautiful, it’s loaded with science exploration.

Supplies & Instructions

White construction paper



Liquid watercolors


Using glue, draw a picture on the the construction paper. Before the glue dries add salt to the glue just as you would if you were adding glitter. We like to add our liquid watercolors while the glue is still wet to assist in the color diffusion on the paper.

What Science is Happening Here?

This beautiful art piece isn't just art, lots of science is taking place to make this happen. You will see an example of capillary action as the liquid color travels through the salt without any assistance from gravity or external source. You will also see some chromatography as the excess liquid flows onto the construction paper and the colors begin to separate out. If you are using multiple colors, you will get to explore color mixing throughout the entire process.

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