Shape Art Bags

Using shapes to create images is a fun way to introduce geometry to kids. Naming the shapes, in addition to counting the sides and noting if the sides are straight, curved, or both all aid in the development of visual awareness of a shape's properties. For this project we use BioColor Paint and Fabric Medium given to us by Discount School Supply.

Supplies & Instructions

Canvas Bags

BioColor paint

Fabric medium

Shape stamps

Paint brush

Mix BioColor fabric medium with BioColor paint per instructions. Then using a paint brush, apply paint to the stamp (this will create a cleaner image than rubbing the stamp in the paint) and press stamp on the fabric bag. Then let dry.

I am a huge fan of BioColor paints, and a repeat buyer of them. Not only are they great as paints, but you can also make slime when you + the BioPutty solution, turn them into fabric paints when you + the fabric medium (like we did here), and even create window stickers (we'll show you how in another post).

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