Snail Shell Spin Art

Do you love spin art? Then you’ll love these spin art snail shells. Grab our free snail printable on at the end of this post and get spinning!

Supplies & Instructions

Free template

Markers or crayons

Salad spinner*


Coffee filters

Tape or glue

*I have linked the salad spinner we have, however, I recommend thrifting a salad spinner. For smaller kids, push button salad spinners are the best.

Add two coffee filters to the salad spinner, add some paint on top, then spin. Using two coffee filters instead of one, ensures the paper won't rip under the weight of the paint. Let the spin art dry over night. In the meantime, color the snails body and allow to dry if necessary. Once both pieces are completely dry, attach the spin art shell to the snail body with tape or glue.

You can also see a video tutorial on our Instagram account.

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snail spin art template
Download PDF • 391KB

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