Snowman Snack

    Do you want to build a snowman? No snow, no problem. We’ve got you covered with this tiny edible snowman snack. And while you’re making this yummy snack, turn it into a science activity with just a few simple questions.

    Supplies & Instructions

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    jumbo marshmallows (body)

    pretzel sticks (arms)

    chocolate chips (eyes)

    candy corn (nose)

    fruit loops (buttons)

    TIP: String a pretzel through the middle of the marshmallows to hold the snowman together.

    Preschool Prompts

    Name the parts (body, head, eyes, arms, nose) of the snowman. Taste the snack then describe what you see, smell, taste, touch, and hear. What happens when you squeeze the marshmallow? What is the saltiest/sweetest part of the snack?



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