Squeeze Paint Pumpkins

Not only is this activity great for fine motor development, it’s a huge hit year after year! Squeeze paint pumpkins are all the rage around here. I mean what kid doesn’t love approval to literally just squeeze out all the paint?!? They take about a week to dry but the end result is worth the wait!

Supplies & Instructions

acrylic paint

glitter glue

twist top tips

colored confetti

star confetti

mini pumpkins

paper plates (trays)

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There's no real prep other than swapping out the paint tops for twist tops (optional). I prefer the twist tops because it slows the flow creating more of a stream than an a blob. But this can definitely be done with the original tops. Then let the kids loose with the paint and sprinkles.

In true A (3yo) style, she loaded her pumpkin with all the paint, stars, and confetti as physically possible and it took two whole weeks to dry. E (5yo) and W (4yo) were much more intentional with their paint usage and theirs took a week to dry.

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