St. Patrick's Day Sensory

Finding gold at the end of the rainbow never felt so good! Find out how we colored this barley and painted the rocks gold below.

Supplies & Instructions

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liquid watercolors

barley (2lbs)

gold acrylic paint


pipe cleaner shamrocks

Pipe cleaner shamrocks can be made by folding the pipe cleaner in half creating a petal at the top, twisting, then adding another petal on each side and twisting.

Dye the barley like you would rice. We add the barley to a ziploc bag, squirt in some liquid watercolors, close and shake. I usually let them dry a few minutes in the bags before transferring to a tray to fully dry.

To paint the rocks, use the same method as for the barley but instead of liquid watercolors you’ll use acrylic paint. Seriously, it's that simple. No need to hand paint each rock.

Play Opportunities

This setup was done as an open ended sensory play setup, but it can always be modified to include more structured learning like counting scoops or barley, counting rocks, sorting barley and rocks, creating patterns, building letters and numbers using the rocks, and writing in the barley to practice letter and number formation. If you have a balance, that can also be added to the setup to incorporate STEM in the activity.

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