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My kids aren't ready to pack up the plastic eggs just yet, so we're using them for a fun and educational egg hunt. Snag the free printable at the end of the post to #learnthroughplay and reinforce concepts of more and less, along with simple addition and even an introduction to fractions.

Supplies & Instructions


Plastic eggs

Free printable

Pick four to five types of stickers, making sure one has 5 of the same type, one has none, and the others are somewhere in between. I used the following as an example: 4 green, 0 fancy red, 3 red, and 5 blue dinosaurs. Stickers should be no bigger than approximately one inch. Place one sticker of each type below the bold black horizontal line. As each egg is opened the sticker found should be placed in the appropriate column.

Preschool Prompts

Which sticker has the most/least? Which type had none? Are there more red or more blue stickers (reinforcing more/less)? How many red and blue stickers are there? How many total stickers did you find (reinforcing simple math)? Of the total stickers, how many are red (reinforcing simple fractions)?

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sticker graphing activity
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