Tattoo Play

It's no secret, we love temporary tattoos! Did you know that temporary tattoos can be applied to things other than just the skin? They can, and possibilities are endless. We absolutely love Ducky Street tattoos, but I'm sure any brand would work.

Supplies & Instructions

Temporary tattoos

Wet rag


Wood* (blocks, eggs, discs)

Shrink plastic*

Acrylic shapes*

Plastic eggs*


Transparency sheets*

*suggested surfaces, use what you have, and give it a try.

Apply tattoos just as you would apply to skin. It takes about double the time to apply to other surfaces as it does to the skin. Also make sure surfaces are completely dry prior to applying tattoos.

Light table story cards: Cut transparency sheets into smaller rectangles, apply tattoos and laminate. Use the cards to tell a story.

Charms: Apply tattoos to shrink plastic, cut around each tattoo and punch a hole. Follow baking instructions on packaging to shrink to charm size.

Hunt a Rock: Apply tattoos to rocks then hide them around the neighborhood for others to find.

Dominos: Cut popsicle sticks to fit the gummy worm tattoos, then apply tattoos. We also added magnetic tape to the back.

Counting Sticks: Use smaller tattoos (like these bugs) and apply to popsicle sticks so that each popsicle stick has a different number of items to count.

Patterns: Apply tattoos to paddle popsicle sticks (can be found at most craft stores), then create patterns. I created a printable for matching the tattoos, but that's not necessary.

Memory: Apply 2 tattoos of each image to wood discs. Flip all the disc over and take turns finding the matching discs.

Alphabet Song: While applying tattoos to the skin, sing the alphabet song instead of counting.

Story Eggs: Apply tattoos to wood eggs. Place eggs into a bag and tell a story by pulling out one egg at a time to add onto the story.

Story Stones: Apply tattoos to rocks, sequence the rocks to tell a story.

Matching Game: Cut tattoos in half (we used these cars), and apply to Jenga blocks. Match the tops and bottoms of the images.

Symmetry: Cut symmetrical tattoos (like these butterflies) in half then use mirrors to explore symmetry.

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